Sorghum Festival in Mount Ida


Zoie Clift
This Friday (Nov. 11) is Heritage House Museum’s Sorghum Festival in Mount Ida. The festival takes visitors back to the days when most families grew a field of cane and made their sorghum every fall. Sorghum was a staple in most families that carried them through the winter. Folks at the museum are harnessing mules to operate the mill for grinding and juicing and will have sorghum cooking before you know it. Enjoy the 3 – 5 hour process and sample a taste of biscuits, butter and sorghum. See corn being ground in a small grist mill and enjoy open fire dutch oven cooking. There is not a fee to attend the festival, which starts at 10 a.m. The museum is located at 819 Luzerne St. in Mount Ida. They are also selling Christmas Ornaments to commemorate the event. For more details phone 870-867-4422.
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