Special Celebration in Hope Honors Clinton’s Love of Jazz




Armstrong, who is Chief of Interpretation at the President William Jefferson Clinton Birthplace Home National
Historic Site in Hope, just sent word of a cool event taking place this Friday.

In honor
of President Clinton’s love of jazz, they are having a special celebration
on Friday ( Aug. 19).  Park Rangers
Matt Hampsey and Bruce Barnes from the New Orleans Jazz National Historical
Park are heading to Hope to celebrate former President William Jefferson
Clinton 65
th birthday with an evening of jazz, blues and zydeco

 The rangers
will be accompanied by Leroy Etienne, zydeco percussion, and Michael Harris,  a veteran New Orleans bassist. They are
scheduled to perform songs from their upcoming CD “Songs of the Lower Mississippi
Delta”, which highlights the rich
cultural diversity and history found in the music of the lower  Mississippi Delta.

song has a story from historic monologues, poetry, work songs, ring shouts,
blues, and coded spirituals. Each song is based on either a specific connection
to a national park in the lower Mississippi Delta or to the region in which the
park is located.

is free and the event takes place at the University of Arkansas Community
College at Hope auditorium at 2500 South Main. For further details call (870)

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