Splash the Heat Away at an Arkansas Swimming Hole

Kerry Kraus


When it gets to be summer in Arkansas, there’s no place I’d rather be than in the water. Even the hottest temperatures are bearable when you’re in and around some H2O.

In The Natural State, we have so many choices. Lakes, rivers, creeks, swimmin’ holes, pools, water parks…..there’s enough to keep you happy all summer long. One of the most enjoyable experiences anyone can have is taking a dip in their favorite swimmin’ hole and we are blessed with some good ones.
I think mine has to be Sylamore Creek at the Blanchard Springs Recreation Area just north of Mountain View and Blanchard Springs Caverns. The water coming from the spring is so cool and refreshing. But it doesn’t matter where you live or where you visit in Arkansas….you’ll find a great place to splash the summer away.  Visit our web page dedicated to this heat-busting activity. There’s plenty of summer left…why not visit them all? Get your sunscreen, towel, water safety device, pack a picnic lunch and hit the road to splash your way around The Natural State this summer.
What’s your favorite Arkansas swimmin’ hole?
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