Spring Break Nature Programs at Lake Catherine State Park


Join Lake
Catherine State Park’s interpretive staff in a variety of free nature
programming during spring break. Activities include hikes, educational
programs, lake and kayak tours, night amphitheater programs and more.  Contact the park for a detailed
schedule. Here is a peek at what is being offered!


On March 18 is a Beginning Bird Watching Hike. Learn how to
identify birds, use binoculars and more during the program. Everyone receives a
Field Guide to Arkansas Birds and an Arkansas bird check list booklet.


Owls of Lake Catherine is March 18.  Join a park interpreter to learn a
little about these ‘wise ol’ birds and which one is big enough to
eat a cat or a skunk (yowza!), and how they glide through the air silently to capture


Looking for something fun to do with your dog? Explore the
park with your canine during Hound Hike on March 19.  Participants will gain exercise for themselves and
socialization for their pup. Remember to please bring a leash and a bag for
cleaning up after your pup.


Bats Are Beautiful Too! is March 19. This program
illustrates the critical environmental roles these gentle creatures play. The
program covers their worldwide significance, their importance in Arkansas,
echolocation, hibernation, flight, feeding, myths, and species identification.


Tracks and Prints is March 20.  Discover what clues are left by animals during this program
and make an animal track to take home with you.


Did you know that Arkansas used be called the “Bear
State?” Join a park interpreter for a program on the history and present
habitat of bears in Arkansas during Arkansas Black Bear March 20. The
informative program is full of 
pictures and insights into a bear’s life.


 March 21 is Ghosts of the Mountains: are There Mountain
Lions in Arkansas? Join a park interpreter to learn about the mysterious
mountain lion. Explore whether or not this magnificent animal inhabits the
state of Arkansas.


On March 22, 
learn a little about the forests around the world and why they are
important to you here in Arkansas during Forest World Tour.  Join the park interpreter for an interactive
program to learn how your daily routine is affected by forests.


Join a park interpreter on March 22 for Spiders of Arkansas.
Discover the answers to questions like do all spiders have venom, why do they
weave a web, and is a spider’s blood really blue?


Learn more about the Civilian Conservation Corps and how
they helped create Lake Catherine State Park during a Lake Catherine State Park
History Hike on March 23.


A Kayak Cove Adventure is scheduled for March 24. Join a
park interpreter for a kayaking adventure. No experience is necessary, but you
should be comfortable around water. Kayaks, paddles, and life jackets are
provided and admission is $15.


Snakes are among the least understood, yet most intriguing
animals in the Arkansas. Discover fascinating facts and learn how to identify
the venomous and non-venomous snakes during Snakes of Arkansas on March 25.


For more information on these and other programs at the
park, visit www.arkansasstateparks.com or call 501-844-4176.



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