Taekwondo World Championships in Arkansas

Zoie Clift


Martial arts will take center stage in Arkansas when the
American Taekwondo Association (ATA) hosts its 21st annual World Championship conference
June 20-26 in Little Rock.

The week will be filled with martial arts seminars, special training sessions,
and tournament competition. Also of note, this year ATA will inaugurate a new
Grand Master- a first for the organization. This will be the first time the ATA
will have two 9th Degree Black Belts- one in the role of Grand Master and one
as Grand Master Emeritus. One year after embarking on a trip around the world,
Grand Master Soon Ho Lee and the Grand Master Nominee, Chief Master In Ho Lee
return to Little Rock from a 12 month trek.

In addition to welcoming a new Grand Master, the Inaugural Ceremony will
include special performances and demonstrations by some of the top martial
artists in the world. The elaborate Inaugural Ceremony is Saturday June 25 at
Verizon Arena in North Little Rock.

For competitors, students will compete in divisions based on age and belt rank.
They will demonstrate their skills in traditional forms, weapons, sparring,
creative and ATA-Xtreme open-hand forms and weapons. These competitions will be
held at the Statehouse Convention Center Friday through Sunday and are open to
the public. For more information visit www.ataonline.com.

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