Tasty Thursday: Riceland’s Baked Rice Custard

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Happy Thursday! As I sit here writing this blog, I, like a large number of you, am stuck in the house. I couldn’t get down my driveway even if I wanted!

Yesterday as I watched the snow fall (and fall…and fall…and fall!), I knew that I wanted something warm and comforting for dinner. Born and raised in the Arkansas Delta, when I hear the weather person say “snow,” I immediately jump in my vehicle and head to the nearest grocery store. So I had plenty food in the house. The sky was the limit..well, at least to a point! (That’s my front yard on the right…the little birdie spent most of the day under the porch railing, trying to get out of the snow!)

I thought chili would be the best way to go. Cook a big pot, share with family and friends, and freeze any that happens to be left. But…what about dessert? Hmmm….a warm dessert? And then I remembered I’d bought a brand-new package of Riceland brown rice.

Riceland is headquartered in Stuttgart. The company provides marketing services for rice, soybeans and wheat grown by 9,000 farmer-members in Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Missouri and Texas. Each year, Riceland receives, stores, transports and markets more than 125 million bushels of grain. That’s impressive!

So I visited Riceland’s website (www.Riceland.com), which has an entire section of rice recipes, ranging from breads to hors d’oeuvres to salads to main dishes. That’s where I found baked rice custard. And I’m REALLY glad I did! I’m posting a photo…I used individual ramekins. It’s not the BEST photo…and I didn’t burn it…that’s the nutmeg/cinnamon mixture on top! It’s not a “beauty shot,” that’s for sure!

Baked rice custard is a mix of eggs, sugar, rice, milk, vanilla, salt, nutmeg, raisins and butter. I personally used brown rice and a new sugar substitute I’m trying out. It was SO good! I topped it with a little whipped cream…and it was the perfect end to a warm meal. True comfort food!

The actual recipe I used is here. The main recipe page is here. I know Dena, ADPT communications manager, LOVES the shrimp corn chowder.

So check out some of the many recipes on Riceland’s site. If you make the baked rice custard, email me! And send me a photo…I bet yours will look better than mine!!

Have a great afternoon and evening! And if you’re traveling, please be careful!

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