Tasty Tuesday: Soul Food at Madea’s Kitchen in West Memphis

I’m ALWAYS up for trying a new restaurant! So when our boss suggested Madea’s Kitchen in West Memphis, I was more than game! The Arkansas Parks and Tourism Communications Team was in West Memphis for the annual Governor’s Conference on Tourism and we wanted to have a working lunch.

Madea’s Kitchen, which opened in November, is located at 510 N. Missouri in West Memphis. I want to give you the address right at the beginning…because after reading this blog, you are going to want to visit soon!

We knew it was a soul food restaurant. I’d spoken to the owner, Demetrius Jones, a few days before to give him a head count. He’s such a nice gentleman and he’s devoted to making Madea’s Kitchen a soul food destination in the region. And with the food Madea’s serves, he can do it!

We visited on Sunday, which is the Soul Food Surprise menu. It changes regularly. On the Sunday our staff visited, lunch choices included chicken and dressing, baked chicken, fried chicken, spaghetti, turnip greens, sweet potatoes, rice and gravy, corn, fried hoecakes and rolls. Those were your plate lunch choices…but you can also order off the menu, which features barbecue, fried catfish, burgers, hot wings, smoked sausage, and more. Each day features a different plate lunch selection.


To say our experience at Madea’s Kitchen was great is an understatement! The food was wonderful, the staff friendly and the food was wonderful (yes, I realize I said that twice…it was that good!). Kerry and Jill decided to order the catfish plate and both agreed that it was some of the best catfish they’ve eaten in Arkansas. Now THAT, my friends, is saying something! Kat loved the fried chicken and I loved their chicken and dressing SO MUCH that I went back this past Sunday…and it was even BETTER!

Then it was time for dessert. I knew what was on the menu…butter roll. Now, I’m not talking about a roll with butter…this is the dessert butter roll! The traditional Southern dessert is much like a roll or biscuit with sugar, butter and cinnamon in a milky custard. If you’ve never had one, it’s worth the trip to West Memphis just to have Madea’s Kitchen’s version. It’s warm, sweet, and fabulous!

Several friends saw my Facebook posts the first time I was at Madea’s and they wanted to try it…so we went this past Sunday. I couldn’t pass up the chicken and dressing, which is some of the best I’ve ever eaten. But I also sampled the pot roast, which just melts in your mouth. I give it two thumbs-up as well!

You can check out the entire menu at the Madea’s Kitchen website. If you’re near West Memphis or craving true Southern soul food, I suggest you plan a visit soon!

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