The Diamond Lakes

Zoie Clift
On average, the warmest month
of the year here is July.  Luckily,
the state is home to around 600,000 acres of lakes to help combat the heat.
Some popular options include the five Diamond Lakes which are Lake Ouachita and
Lake Hamilton at Hot Springs, Lake Catherine near Malvern, Lake Greeson between
Glenwood and Murfreesboro, and DeGray Lake at Arkadelphia. Here are a few more
details about each:

Lake Ouachita, the largest
lake (40,100 acres) in the state, is surrounded by the Ouachita National Forest.
It has around 970 miles of shoreline and is a favorite of outdoor lovers.  Sailors enjoy its vast stretches of
open water, scuba divers enjoy the clear waters, and water sports like water
skiing and kayaking are popular. The lake is well known for fishing and
consistently ranks as one of the top 10 spots in the nation for largemouth bass
fishing. The lake has more than 100 uninhabited islands for camping and on the
eastern shore is Lake Ouachita State Park. 

Lake Catherine- 11 miles
long, the lake covers 1,940 acres, nestled in narrow valleys of the Ouachita
Mountains. Situated on the lakeshore is Lake Catherine State Park.

Lake Hamilton-One of the
state’s most popular  recreational
and residential lakes. The Belle of Hot Springs riverboat cruises the lake and
Garvan Woodland Gardens is a lakeshore botanical garden that can be accessed via boat or land.

Lake Greeson-The
12-mile-long lake features clear waters and steep, rocky ridges that form islands and long peninsulas extending
into the lake. Anglers flock here for the abundant channel catfish and rainbow
trout fishing. Around the lake shore is Daisy State Park.

DeGray Lake– This 13,400
acre lake is home to the state’s only resort state park: DeGray Lake Resort
State Park.

So if you are feeling the
heat these days, don’t let it get you down. Head to a lake! 

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