The Fiddle: Arkansas’ Musical Instrument


Zoie Clift


Did you know the fiddle is
Arkansas’ official state musical instrument? The fiddle (the highest-pitched of the
viol family of unfretted stringed instruments) was an important part of life to
the early pioneers at community gatherings and square dances (square dancing is
the official folk dance of the state!).
Today, the instrument continues to make
an impact in Arkansas communities. Case in point, this weekend at Wildwood
Park, fiddler Megan Lynch (a 6 time National Fiddle Champion) hosted two of her
world famous fiddle workshops. Proceeds from the event went towards Wildwood’s
annual Arkansas Pickin’ and Fiddlin’ Championship scheduled for October 8-9 this year. If
you’ve never heard a live performance featuring the instrument I highly
recommend it. As they say, the violin sings, but the fiddle dances.
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