The Gurdon Light


Zoie Clift
As Halloween approaches, the spotlight shines on the many haunted tales that surround Arkansas folklore. One of these is based out of Gurdon ( about 85 miles south of Little Rock). The Gurdon Light is an unexplained supernatural light based on local folklore. It occurs in a wooded area by railroad tracks, appears to observers as a light or lights hovering in the air. It has been described as being blue, green, white or orange and seems to be bobbing around as if on a cord. Its location varies within a select geographic area and witnesses have described it appearing at various times of the day or night. According to legend, the light originates from a lantern of a railroad worker who was killed when he fell into the path of a train. The man’s head was separated from his body and never found.  Ouch! The light people see comes from his lantern as he searches for his head.

As to the town’s interesting history, Gurdon was founded in the late nineteenth century, one of many timber towns located along a railway. The town is famous for its role as the founding place of the International Concatenated Order of the Hoo Hoo, the oldest industrial fraternal organization in the nation.

In 1880 the town was incorporated. Located on US 67, the town grew up around the railroad lines and timber industry, which continues to play an important role in the area’s economy. Early development of the town was tied to the arrival of the railroad to Clark County. Gurdon came to be because of its location at the intersection of several important lumbering railroads and it’s location near stands

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