The Rowdy Explore Tour in Okolona

Getting ready to zip line at Rowdy Adventures. Photo by Z. Clift
Four-wheeling at Rowdy's. Photo by Z. Clift.
Riding at Rowdy Adventures. Photo by Z. Clift.

Rowdy Adventures Zip Line Adventure Park in Okolona is the largest zip line park in the South. They are open for the season and those looking for an adrenaline rush have a lot of options to chose from here. Along with zip lining, the park offers action like horseback rides, river floats on the Little Missouri River, a giant 55 ft. swing, and a rock climbing wall.

Among the tours offered is one called The Rowdy Explore Tour. These all day tours leave between 8 a.m. and 10 a.m. and include a day packed with a full zip line tour ( which includes 14 lines total—including the famous Hole in the Sky line, which is the longest tree based zip line in the South), riding 4-wheelers, going horseback riding, and lunch ( which is included as part of the tour.) When we went, one of the guides grilled hamburgers for us by the river.  After the lunch, it is time for part two, which is canoeing the river towards a pick up point.  This tour costs $130.

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The horseback tour at Rowdy Adventures. Photo by Z. Clift

For those strapped for time, they can opt for The Little Rowdy Tour, which is a shortened version of the above and includes the full zip line tour, riding 4-wheelers, and a horseback ride. This costs $110.

Along the way, guides talk about the history of the area and you get a chance to see the historic Old Iron Bridge, which was built in 1908.

At the start of the tour, you get fitted with gear you will use on the zip lines, and go through a short intro safety course where guides teach you how to properly put on your pulleys, how to break,  and how to self recover in case you get caught in the middle of a zip. Guides then transport you to each excursion ( for instance to the horse back riding stables) in a huge swamp buggy.

Old Iron Bridge. Photo by Z. Clift
Old Iron Bridge. Photo by Z. Clift

Other options at the adventure park include taking on activities separately. For instance you can do options like the Full Zip Tour ( 14 lines for $80), the Short Zip Tour ($30),  Horseback Tours ( $40/person for a 2 hour tour), or River Floats ( canoe or kayak—3 mile unguided float on the Little Missouri River with a return shuttle at the end ($30 per canoe/kayak rental). For more details, visit or call 870-274-3001. You can also keep up with them at facebook at:

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