Tillers and Taekwondo: A Recap

Zoie Clift
The World Championship Tiller races and the World Championships of Taekwondo. Yep, both were in Arkansas this past weekend and each were entertaining in their own way. The tiller races are held in the tiny town of Emerson every year during the PurpleHull Pea Festival. I journeyed there with my co-worker Kristine Puckett to find out just exactly what tiller racers were. Well, photos speak better than I ever could so here are a few I shot of the event: 
Kristine trying out a tiller 
 Yep, the last two are Kristine and I trying out tilling. It’s hard.
Martial arts also took center stage this weekend due to the 21st annual World Championship of Taekwondo event held in Little Rock at the Statehouse Convention Center.  The week was filled with training sessions, competitions and the inauguration of a new Grand Master- a first for the American Taekwondo Association ( whose headquarters are in Little Rock). For competitors, students competed in divisions based on age and belt rank. They demonstrated their skills in traditional form, weapons, sparring, creative, and ATA-Xtreme open-hand forms and weapons. Here are a few shots I snapped from the last day:
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