Toad Suck Buck’s: Good Friends, Good Food, Good Times

Today I’m posting a guest blog by Tim Schultz, a photographer and audio/visual coordinator for the Arkansas Department of Parks and Tourism. (Look for a part two of this blog with photos, especially if you’re a motorcycle fan.) Enjoy the read! Jill M. Rohrbach

Tim Schultz

Saturday evening, my wife and children planned a dinner out to celebrate my birthday. Our family and a few church friends, we had a nice gathering. Peggy, my wife, works as an activities coordinator at a retirement center, so planning something like this is as she says, “Is what I do”. She had read about a restaurant in Perry County called Toad Suck Buck’s. The mailing address is in Houston, Ark., but that won’t help get you there. Peggy wanted all of us to get to Buck’s sometime after 4 p.m. so we could use the daylight to help us find it.

It is not hard to find, the directions are good from their web site; but still, you are out in the country driving along the Arkansas River, looking for a dirt road with a restaurant at the end of it. Don’t even try to use your GPS; the address does not exists in the GPS world. There is a sign at the end of the driveway, but I missed it and had to go back. The valet at the end of the dirt road was very nice and polite. He was a large black lab, very friendly and just wanted to say hi. I was told there are four dogs out there running around and greeting everyone.

Before I go on, let me explain why Peggy wanted to go to Toad Suck Buck’s. Let’s see, first, it is not a Honky Tonk, but it is located out in the middle of nowhere along the Arkansas River with a beautiful view of the river from the pavilion. It’s not a Honky Tonk, but they do have a full wet bar, draft beer, happy hour from 4 6 p.m. every day with a live band on Thursday nights. Did I mention it’s not a Honky Tonk? Wednesday night you get 10 percent off your steak dinner. Every third Tuesday is Girls Night Out from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. I think I’ll have to go see what they are talking about on a Tuesday night, this girls’ night out thing! There is always a bonfire outside to stand around and stay warm waiting on your steak, or if you like, you can play a game of pool or shuffle board while watching a big screen TV with sports on. I mean, this is not a Honky Tonk, but on Friday and Saturday nights the dancing starts after 9 p.m.

We were there on a Saturday. Natalie, our waitress, said they had to turn people away on Friday night, a full house. We arrived early evening on Saturday and soon the house was filling up. While talking with owner Ken Buck, a state representative and his family came in. The menu mainly has steaks and burgers, but it also has sandwiches and shrimp. A church friend of ours that has been a cook all his life told us that the flavor of a steak or burger comes not only from good meat but also from a well seasoned grill, one that has been around awhile. Well the grill at Toad Suck Bucks is one of those that has been around awhile. The smell of the 16 ounce Ribeye that I had was terrific, and the taste was wonderful. When you can eat a steak and not add any steak sauce to it, that has to be good. Peggy had a burger, thick, juicy with all the fixings cooked to her pleasing.

All in all, it was a great night out with friends and family and we made more friends at Toad Suck Bucks. The food was very good in a unique atmosphere. The waitress was very friendly and helpful. Toad Suck Bucks is a place to go to get a good steak or burger, a drink or beer if you like and just have fun. What more can you ask for? Well I didn’t ask, but my wonderful son in law picked up the entire tab. Thanks Kev! The next time you start singing, “Over the river and thru the woods, to grandmothers house we go”, change it up a little, “Over the river and thru the woods, to Toad Suck Buck’s we go. Don’t forget grandmother and tell her, it’s not a Honky Tonk. You can be friends with Toad Suck Buck’s on facebook, search for toadsuckbucks, or on the web at

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