Trumpeter Swans of Heber Springs

Zoie Clift


The trumpeter swans of Heber
. If you’ve yet to see them, they are a sight to see. I’ve often
wondered about their story and recently came across an interesting article by
Caroline Zilk that gives us the backstory. I’m including it below in case
glimpsing the swans are on your to-see list. Enjoy!

 Leaves change colors.
Summer restaurants board up their windows. Boats are docked for the season.

Just as the tourism rush in
the lakeside town of Heber Springs slows down, a new and very different group
of tourists flocks to Magniss Lake.

Unlike other visitors to
Heber Springs, these tourists aren’t into boating and water-skiing. They don’t
have lake houses, and they don’t frequent local dining establishments.

Instead, they feast on
grass and bits of corn, depending on the kindness of strangers for meals.

They arrive with trumpets

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