Tuesday Fitness Fix: Adventure Racing

here every Tuesday for a fitness fix rundown. I’ll be on the lookout for
running, cycling, tri’s, adventure races, and other active outlets taking place
around the state that I’ll highlight each week.

Zoie Clift
If you are into adventure
racing or looking to get introduced to the sport, Ozark Extreme Adventure
Sports recently announced its lineup of events for the year. Each event is
designed to showcase the area in which it is being held.  As to the lineup, an
adventure sprint race will be held at Mountain Harbor Resort on Lake Ouachita April 24. Another
sprint race has been set for August 28 at White Oak Lake State Park. The
Ouachita 12HR will take place April 23-24 at Mountain Harbor Resort on Lake
Ouachita. The Sprint Championships are set to take place on November 6 at a
location TBA.
If you are not
familiar with adventure racing, here is a quick primer. Overall the sport is
young, created in 1989 when French journalist Gerard Fusil debuted his
multi-day event Raid Gauloises in New Zealand. In 1992 the first American team
participated in the event led by Mark Burnett. By 1995 Burnett had developed
his own expedition race in the U.S., the Eco-Challenge, and helped spread the
popularity of the sport. The Ozark Challenge (which debuted 12 years ago) was
the first adventure race in the state.
Adventure racing was
created to challenge both the mental and physical limits of racers. Part of the
confusion lies in the fact that there are three different categories of races:
sprint races (2 to 6 hours); middle distance races (12 to 48 hours) and
expedition races (5 to 10 days).The most common of these is the sprint race,
with core events being trail running, mountain biking and paddling. From start
to finish racers navigate a course, not knowing the course details until the
night, the day (and sometimes) even during the race.
There’s no prescribed
format to adventure racing. The race might include orienteering, navigation,
running, paddling, climbing, mountain biking and related rope skills. Or it
might not. Some races are spread over several days, with race teams navigating
through a course with maps and compasses carrying all necessary survival
equipment with them, while others last only a few hours and require racers to scramble
over preset courses. The format is as unique as the locations and event
organizers’ imaginations.
More information on Adventure
Racing can be found at www.ozarkextreme.com and event information can be found on any of the
organizations websites at www.adventuresprints.com,
and www.arkansasadventuresprints.com

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