Upcoming Programs at Moro Bay State Park

Several programs are on the agenda at Moro Bay State Park in
Jersey.  The park is located at the
confluence of Moro Bay, Raymond Lake and the Ouachita River, making it a prime
spot to fish and  enjoy water
sports like canoeing or kayaking.


Discover the role fur trapping played in the early history
of Arkansas during Furbearers and Traps, a Piece of Arkansas History March 22.
Become familiar with the major furbearing mammals and different types of traps,
with a demonstration of how they are used. Learn about trading practices
between the French and Native Americans. 


A program on The American Alligator is March 22. Learn about
the characteristics of the alligator and how this ancient reptile has been able
to survive since the days of the dinosaur. You also have the opportunity to see
an alligator up-close and watch him feed.
Explore the intersection of three counties and three bodies of water during a Moro Bay Kayak Tour March 23. Wading birds, turtles, and belted kingfishers are likely critters to spot on the shoreline. Also, earlier that day there is an opportunity to learn about The History of the Moro Bay Ferry.  Join a park interpreter at the Moro Bay Ferry Exhibit and discover the history behind the Moro Bay Ferry and how it and the Ouachita River were such an important part of the lives of those in the community and the surrounding area.
Join a park interpreter as they present an informative presentation about Arkansas's largest wild mammal during Black Bears of Arkansas March 24. Learn how these fascinating creatures survive and how they are connected to the early history of Arkansas.
The park is 29 miles southwest of Warren on U.S. 63. From El Dorado, travel 23 miles northeast on U.S. 63. For more information on these programs visit www.arkansasstateparks.com or call 870-463-8555.
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