Update on Travel Management Rule for Ouachita National Forest

Zoie Clift
Forest Service officials
announced today that the decision on the travel management rule for the Ouachita
National Forest will be upheld, except for the portion involving the Wolf Pen
Gap trail complex. 

Currently, off-road travel
is allowed in most areas of the Ouachita National Forest. An environmental assessment
revealed that heavy use of OHVs (Off-Highway Vehicles) on the forest causes erosion and sedimentation that impact water quality and wildlife, including
threatened and endangered species. The travel management decision will limit
all motorized travel to designated routes. 

While the majority of the
original decision was upheld, a separate decision for the Wolf Pen Gap trail
complex will be issued in the next 18-24 months after additional analysis and
public involvement. For more information on the
Ouachita Travel Management Decision visit www.fs.fed.us/oonf/ouachita.htm. 

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