Warrior Dash Comes To Arkansas


Great news for runners or anyone that enjoys leaping over
fire or scrambling through mud—the Warrior Dash is making it’s way to
Arkansas (for the first time!) on May 12. 
The event is part of the world’s largest running series and the 5K is
being held in 65 different locales across the globe this year.


What awaits is a chance to bound over fire, trudge through
mud and scale over 12 obstacles along a 5K course. I’m in! The event takes
place at the Timber Lodge Ranch in Amity and 13 wave groups ( up to 500 runners
can fit in each) are being held at different times throughout the day starting
at 9. If you want to make a weekend of it, the race hosts the Warrior
Campground for tent camping options or RVs. A coworker and I are scheduled to
run and cover the race so I’ll keep you posted how it goes. Can’t wait!
For more details visit here.



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