Warrior Dash Recap



Warrior Dash. Hmm…what can I say about this race except if
you get a chance to run it, do so. This past Saturday ( May 12)  was Arkansas’s first taste of the well-known running series, and a main consensus from most is that they hope the race comes back next year. The course was pretty great–lots of variety
with many obstacles ( including mud pits, barbed wire, climbing up, over, and
under things, waist deep water crossings, fire, uphill climbs, rocky muddy
terrain, etc) to tackle. They packed a lot
into 3.4 miles. The main thing I will remember is the sea of mud covered perma
grins on peoples faces post race. And the many kind
people, er I mean warriors, that I met throughout the course. It’s amazing how
quickly you bond with someone when you are on a ‘battleground’ course.  And there is
something about being covered in mud that brings people together too I guess.
The run took place in Amity at Timber Lodge Ranch, which is surrounded by a
Ouachita mountain landscape. The ranch is known for wildlife ( we got a peek at their zebra at the starting line corral) and scenery. And it was gorgeous surroundings. I also have to
give the race directors ( Munirah McNeely and Natalie Swan) props for how they ran this production.
I had a chance to meet the Warrior Dash crew ( all females and all amazingly nice)
earlier in the week when they were setting up the course. It was like
witnessing a circus come to town. They were basically creating a mini village, building
the entire course, obstacles, tents, etc. from the ground up. A huge amount 
of work goes into putting on these productions. But from the feedback I was
hearing and seeing on the course, it paid off tremendously.
According to
mythologist Joseph Campbell, a warrior’s approach is to “say ‘yes’ to life: yea
to it all,”. On that Saturday, it felt like most everyone there was taking
this philosophy to heart. In short, I had a blast and I hope the race and all the warriors return
next year.
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