Willie Nelson Performing in Hot Springs Feb. 21

Zoie Clift
Willie Nelson really doesn’t
need an introduction as he’s a music legend. The singer is scheduled to play at
Summit Arena in Hot Springs Feb. 21.  His principal guitar is a Martin N-20 nylon-string acoustic,
which he has named “Trigger”, after Roy Rogers’ horse. 
In March 2009 he released
his latest album Naked Willie. The album include remixes of recordings from
1966-1970, stripped-down without orchestration or background vocals.
Nelson’s touring and
recording group is a collection of a number of longstanding members, including
his sister, Bobbie Nelson, longtime drummer Paul English, harmonica player
Mickey Raphael, Bee Spears, Billy English (Paul’s younger brother), and Jody
Payne. Willie tours the nation in his bio-diesel (aka “Bio-Willie”) bus, the “Honeysuckle Rose IV.” Tickets
go on sale Jan. 16 via Ticketmaster. 

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