Women, Wine, & Horses at StoneCreek Ranch

I was just cleaning up my office and stumbled across some old notes while cleaning out a file. One page was from my first visit to StoneCreek Ranch and Resort near Mountain Home. It struck me reading them just what a profound affect that place had on me.womenwinehorsesfromscr

“StoneCreek is the kind of place where you can take the deepest breathe,” my notes read. “You can breathe in clarity, peace, hope, and progress as if they are molecules in the air.”

There is something quite special, quite magical about that ranch, that land, the riding of horses in the indoor arena and outdoor pastures, the conversations that ensue, and Arvel and Karry Bass who share it all with us. You have to experience it to understand. I encourage you to do so.

Go for a quiet getaway, your wedding, a family reunion, a group event, or just on your own to find adventure and excitement as well as relaxation and rejuvenation. Here’s an upcoming event for women to experience something similar to what I did on my first trip.

The ranch offers Women, Wine and Horses on Feb. 7-10. During this three day weekend you’ll enjoy lots of riding, long fireside chats, delicious, savory meals, laughter, the sharing of wine and stories, and plenty of time for relaxation and reflection. See their website for details and to reserve your spot. The price is $535 to $595 and is all inclusive. You get three nights lodging, meals (alcohol not included), use of a ranch horse or bring your own. You can also call them at 870-424-7433 or email scr@centurytel.net.

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