Blytheville Greeting Card Mural

Debut of new greeting card mural in Downtown Blytheville
Mayor Sanders showing new mural...
B in Greeting Card Mural
B - Historic Greyhound Bus Station...
Welcome to Blytheville Arkansas Mural
Blytheville Greeting Card Mural...

What to know

Unveiled in 2009, the "Mural of Blytheville History" is presented in four areas. The first area is the Mississippi River, which played a part in the actual creation of the town. Second is the timber industry, a vital part of the community's economic development. The third part of the mural is the railroad, which still plays an important part in the town's steel industries. Cotton is the fourth depiction. Blytheville still has an operating cotton gin in the downtown. Jonesboro artist Suzanne Churchill created the mural which is located on Main Street bordering the Pocket Park in downtown Blytheville.
226 W. Main Street
Blytheville, AR 72315