Price's Raid Civil War Route

What to know

Sterling Price led a force north from Camden on August 28, 1864, picking up additional troops at Princeton and Pocahontas before crossing the border into Missouri. The 12,000 men, comprising most of the effective cavalry in Arkansas, Over the next three months he traversed the state of Missouri before moving through Kansas and Indian Territory to return to Arkansas through Laynesport on December 2. Price reported that his army "marched 1,434 miles, fought 43 battles and skirmishes, captured and paroled over 3,000 Federal officers and men, captured 18 pieces of artillery ... and destroyed Missouri property ... of $10,000,000 in value." However, he lost 6,000 men and accomplished little in the last Confederate offensive in the Trans-Mississippi Theater. THE ROUTE Starting at Camden follow US Hwy 79 to Hwy 9 through Princeton and Tulip to Hwy 46 to Leola then Hwy 229 through Poyen, Traskwood, Haskell and Benton to Hwy 5 to Fountain Lake then Hwy 7 to Fourche Junction then Hwy 60 to Plainview then Hwy 28 to Hwy 27 through Danville, Dardanelle and Russellville to Hwy 124 to Wonderview then Hwy 95 to Cleveland then Hwy 124 to Center Ridge then Hwy 92 through Bee Branch, Higden, Greers Ferry to Drasco then Hwy 25 through Concord, Desha, Dennison Heights, Batesville, Cord, Strawberry, Lynn and Powhatan to Black Rock then Hwy 361 to Old Davidsonville then Hwy 166 to Pocahontas then Hwy 115 to Maynard then Hwy 166 to the Arkansas state line.
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