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Bull Shoals Camping
Bull Shoals Camping

Get in Touch with Nature

The Natural State is covered in camping spots, whether you are looking for a weekend getaway in a majestic park, or an RV park that you can stop at along your road trip. With two magnificent mountain ranges, millions of acres on three national forests, 600,000 acres of lakes and 9,000 miles of streams and rivers, few states in mid-America can equal Arkansas' great outdoors. So, pitch a tent or find an Arkansas RV park for your family fun getaway in Arkansas!

You can find many pet friendly campgrounds throughout our state so you can bring your pup on all your adventures. Arkansas camping, hiking and backpacking opportunities abound throughout a wide range of geographic environments in The Natural State. Arkansas has mountains, lakes, rivers, forests, prairies and each area provides a choice of highly developed or rustic outdoor adventures.

Campgrounds located in national forests are usually more rustic. They emphasize privacy, with individual Arkansas camping sites divided by green belts. U.S. Forest Service campgrounds are usually developed around a geographic attraction and care has been taken to see that Arkansas campgrounds blend into the surrounding terrain. Restroom facilities are more primitive in the national forests, and at some sites it is necessary to bring your own water.

Arkansas State Parks are scattered throughout the state and offer a complete range of scenic attractions. Many state park sites offer modern conveniences to campers such as hot-water showers.

Getting close to nature in Arkansas can add a new and satisfying dimension to your travel plans. Regardless of your outing, Arkansas' beauty will make your trip a memorable one.