Historic Cane Hill Museum

Historic Cane Hill Museum
Historic Cane Hill Museum...
two historic buildings housing the Historic Cane Hill Museum and Gallery
Historic Cane Hill Museum & Gallery...

What to know

The Historic Cane Hill Museum presents insight into the remarkable story of Cane Hill – one of the most historically significant communities in Arkansas. The museum features a collection of objects, offering connections to the people who inhabited this community. These pieces are touchstones, providing a deeper understanding of their lives, the times they lived in, and the events they experienced.

The building itself was originally constructed around 1945 as the Shaker Yates Grocery Store. Since that time, it has also served as an antique store, the local post office, and a trophy & wooden train-whistle manufacturing workshop.

In 2015, the structure was extensively renovated to permanently house the museum collection, which was previously exhibited in the Historic Cane Hill College building during the annual festivals.

Visitors to the museum will find exhibits on the following subjects:

· American Civil War Battle of Cane Hill
· Cane Hill College
· Life in Early Cane Hill
· Ozark Folk Art: Cane Hill Style
· Early Mills
· Boonsboro Pottery
· Timeline of Cane Hill History

The museum also maintains a collection of genealogical material available to the public for research.

Hours of operation are Thursday through Saturday from 10:00am until 2:00pm.
Appointments for group tours are required. Call (479) 824-5339 or email [email protected] to schedule a tour.

14335 State Hwy 45
Canehill, AR 72717