Beard and Lady Inn and Apothecary

What to know

Quiet your mind and awaken your soul at the historic Beard and Lady Inn. Nestled in the Ozark Mountains in the tiny town of Chester, Arkansas, our hotel is the antidote for the status quo. There are no screens, but you can stay and read a book, ride a train, walk the creek, and send a postcard in our small post-office. Each of our 11 themed rooms is designed around a common fear or human experience, such as loneliness, commitment, or being known. Gorgeously decorated in time period décor, our rooms offer space for contemplation, curiosity, and memory making.

Experience History. Over the last 130+ years, the Beard and Lady Inn has survived both floods and fires. But not every soul to walk its hallways can say the same. Now, the restored hotel is famous among locals, travelers and Hollywood directors for its supernatural past, endurance through disaster, and history of American railroad grit.

Choose the Inn for an unforgettable event. Whether you’re planning an intimate wedding or a murder mystery dinner, delight your guests with a rich experience at our 1887 bed and breakfast. With a historic train ride, delectable meals at the Dining Hall, and our on-site Apothecary Shop, we’re here to make your next event stand apart from the rest. We have a convention hall and stage with projector and screen which can hold 100+ people at your event.

Dine on native foods from the Ozarks. Book a meal at the Inn's exclusive reservation only restaurant Homegrown Native Foods. Enjoy a healthy three course gourmet dinner that pays homage to our current local farmers, early pioneers and indigenous ancestors, showcasing the unique flavors of plants and animals from our region.

Elevate your stay with our one-of-a-kind experiences. Immerse yourself in the past with our curated workshops and add-ons. In addition to our on-site Apothecary Shop, we offer our guests exclusive classes on topics like perfume making and foraging, as well as take-home mementos like tintype photography portraits and postcards.

Unplug and explore the Ozarks. Arkansas is home to endless history and stunning landscapes. Opportunities abound for hikers, bikers, UTV riders, and kayakers. Ride the A&M railroad and shop local to experience the chemistry of our mountain town.

Shop the Apothecary. The Beard and Lady Inn is home to its own mercantile-style shop of curious wares. Within these walls, you’ll find Beard and Lady goods, our own line of apothecary-inspired personal care and grooming products, as well as handmade products made by local artisans. We invite you to experience the chemistry.
411 E. Front Ave
Chester, AR 72934