Mom’s Lake

Mom’s Lake
Mom's Lake. Photo by Peggy Greenway...

What to know

Mom’s Lake is owned and operated by the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission. It is part of their Family and Community Fishing Program and receives regular stockings.

Fishing in this nine-acre lake is open only to persons under 16 or over 65 using a hand-held rod or pole. Properly licensed persons between 16 and 64 may fish if accompanied by a person under 16 who is actively fishing. The parking lot is located in the Northeast section of the lake on the North side of the road. Boating is allowed, but only with paddles or electric trolling motors. A boat ramp is provided directly across from the parking lot. Fishing is open to holders of a disability license (either a three-year or combination). One properly licensed person may assist and fish with the disabled fishing license holder who must be actively fishing.

Mom’s Lake Rules:

  • No parking along the road
  • No ATV’s other than in the parking lot
  • No camping
  • No night fishing
  • Use trolling motors only 

Catching Limits:

  • Largemouth Bass: Catch and release only
  • Bream: 25
  • Catfish: 3
  • Trout: 5 (Seasonal trout fishing here in winter. A trout permit is required for anglers 16 and older.)

Clay County Road 169
Corning, AR 72422