Cranor's Guide Services

What to know

Why fish with a full time professional White River outfitter and trout fishing guide?

Because you catch more trout, bigger trout, and have more fun! While the White and Norfork rivers hold fantastic trout fishing, you’ve got to know where those trout will be in any water condition. Tailwater fishery conditions change daily in all seasons as water rises and falls. To ensure action-packed trout fishing you have to find trout school concentrations, which can be anywhere along 50 miles of the White river.

Licensed and insured professional trout fishing guides like Donald Cranor have the necessary knowledge of where trout schools will be, and most importantly, they have the flexibility of putting in on the best water zone for the day you are fishing. They are not locked into the zone near a dock or resort. And because Donald is a sponsored guide, you’ll have the joy of using the most modern top-notch tackle available.

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