Rising River Guides

What to know

Rising River Guides is owned and operated by Matt Millner. Matt started Rising River Guides in August of 2017 when he and his fiancé (now wife) Eleanor left northwest Colorado to head back to the familiar rivers of the Ozarks that Matt cut his teeth on, and so Eleanor could follow her dreams of starting an organic vegetable farm. Rising River Guides eventually got too busy for just Matt to handle so he started focusing on outfitting and expanding the guide service. Today Rising River Guides runs hundreds of boats a year with the most professional, knowledgeable and passionate guides on the river. We can cater our trips to meet your needs no matter what they are. We enjoy teaching kids the joys of a life outside, watching people catch their first fish on a fly rod and helping hone the skills of seasoned anglers.

Most of our trips start off in the boat, whether that be a jet sled or a drift boat. We feel this puts the angler at a greater advantage for putting their flies in front of more fish thus improving the cast to hook up ratio. Occasionally during low water periods you can twist our arms to get out and do some wade fishing. Our primary focus is the trout waters of north Arkansas (The White, Norfork and Dry Run Creek) but we also offer trips on the Little Red River, Crooked Creek, Kings Rivers and North Fork of the White.

We provide a top tier experience for our guests. We fish premium equipment out of top shelf boats. We feed our guests quality homemade lunches with good ingredients. We take pride in our craft and pledge to offer you the best experience you can possibly have on and off the water.
222 Combs Ave
Cotter, AR 72626