Camp Robinson Trails

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What to know

ROUTE DESCRIPTION TRAIL #18: Originally built by the Central Arkansas Recreational Pedalers (C.A.R.P.), the mountain bike trails at Camp Robinson in North Little Rock are considered the crown jewel of the region for containing some of the best and most varied rides in the Little Rock metro. With over 30 miles to explore from beginner to advanced sections, it’s difficult to do the same route twice. Names like Can O’Corn, Buddha, Port-a-Potty and Dead Elvis reveal the uniqueness of the area. Getting access to Camp Robinson does take a little effort, as it requires the purchase of an annual or three-day sportsman’s pass. Call 501-212-4103 to confirm Visitor Center hours. This is clearly one of those cases where the rides are more than worth the price of admission. Trail map:
26th St
North Little Rock, AR 72118