Yesterday’s Antiques & More

What to know

Yesterday’s Antiques & More is located along the True Grit Trail “of near Dardanelle in Yell County”.  We offer a variety of antiques, vintage and collectible items.  We also have an outdoor flea market the first weekend of each month during the better weather months.  During these, we look to have food trucks, live entertainment and a nice selection of flea market finds.  
We also love to help our visitors by telling them of cool places to go and visit in the area.  We enjoy sharing our knowledge of our community and surrounding areas along with the whole state of Arkansas.  
Oh.. and while visiting, we love knowing where people are from and greatly appreciate a note of who you are and where you’re from on our signature wall in the hallway!  If you are another store owner, put your information on there too!  Who knows… someone reading this might be in your area!  
1736 State Hwy 22
Dardanelle, AR 72834