George Berry Washington Memorial (Angel in the Field)

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George Berry Washington Memorial...
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George Berry Washington Memorial...

What to know

"Angel in the Field," is a 1928 monument for the Reverend George Berry Washington, a former slave who went on to become one of Crittenden County's largest landowners. He owned 1,145 acres at the time of his death. He also pastored a Baptist church and owned a commissary and a cotton gin. Upon his death, his wife buried him on “the Main Place,” where she could keep watch on him from their family home. The funerary statue has been the subject of several drawings and paintings by 20th Century American artist Carroll Cloar from Earle. Drive By Only on the African American Heritage Trail. Listed in the National Register of Historic Places.
State Highway 149 North Of Earle, Near Where Gibson Bayou Meets Tyronza River
Earle, AR 72331