Thursday, October 25, 2018

23rd Annual Big Boo!-seum Bash

Historic Arkansas Museum

What to know

Join other costumed revelers for this fun, free and only slightly spooky event—perfect for young children. Don’t mind the cobwebs and tombstones; there is plenty of fun to be had! Toss the ring around the witch’s hat, get your palm read by Madame J., go round and round the Twinkie Walk for a chance to win a sweet treat, peek into the haunted outhouse, make a creepy craft and check out all the other fun activities inside the museum and outside on the historic grounds. Don’t forget to bring a candy bucket—there will be several stops along the way to help you fill it up! After you’ve done all you can do here, check out one of several other downtown locations participating in Big Boo!-seum Bash! What better way to get another chance to wear that awesome Halloween costume?
200 E 3rd St
Little Rock, AR 72201