Saturday, December 01, 2018 - Sunday, December 02, 2018

Battle of Prairie Grove Reenactment

Prairie Grove Battlefield State Park

What to know

The park will commemorate the anniversary of the Battle of Prairie Grove. The battle, fought on December 7, 1862, saw about 22,000 soldiers fighting most of the day, with about 2,700 killed, wounded, or missing. During the weekend there will be many activities including tours through the Union, Confederate, and civilian camps along with living history programs. The reenactment is held on the actual battlefield. Reenactors should contact the park to register.  

Both Days: 
9 a.m. – All camps open to the public, each day 
1 p.m. – Presentation marking the Battle of Prairie Grove, each day 

5 p.m. – All camps closed to the public, last self-guided tour ends 
7 p.m. – Period Dance at the Latta Barn 

10 a.m. – Period church service at log church & Catholic mass at the Jim Parks Shelter 
4 p.m. –  Closing of all encampments to public

506 East Douglas Street
Prairie Grove, AR 72753