Saturday, April 27, 2024

Highlands Gravel Classic

Goshen Community Center

What to know

The Highlands Gravel Classic is the only age-group qualifier in the USA for the Trek UCI Gravel World Series (GWS) as 1 of 2 qualifying events in North America.The GWS will include both new and existing events from around the world as part of the series to qualify competitors to attend the world championships in October. Selection to the world championships will be per age group and gender. The top 25% finishers of ages 19-34 and then every 5-year age groups (ex 35-39) with age groups seperated by gender will qualify. There is a U19 age category, but it is NOT a qualifier category.

Highlands Gravel Classic will have 2 courses...the Highlands - 66 miles and Farmlands - 52 miles. The 66 mile course is for Males (19-59) and Females (19-49). 52 mile course is for Males 60+ and Females 50+.

Field Participant Caps:

  • Farmlands course - 500 total riders
  • Highlands course - 600 total riders

244 Clark Street
Goshen, AR 72735