Church Reunion

Need help with church event planning? In today’s busy world, planning your church reunion or church youth group activities can be a challenging charge indeed. We here at the Arkansas Department of Parks & Tourism are here to help you reunite in a setting that fits your group just right. Getting your church group together can be not only an enjoyable time to spend catching up, reminiscing, planning or whatever you wish; it can also be a great spiritual time that can impact your loved ones and be remembered for a lifetime.

We can assist you in finding a location, indoor and/or outdoors, as well as accommodations to fit your group’s size and church event planning budget.

We are centrally located within The United States, we offer a mild climate, good value, and we have ways to keep everyone engaged. Even your teenagers will enjoy church youth group activites in the Natural State! From theme parks to State Parks to stunning pavilions and chapels and views to concerts to natural undeniable delights such as mirror-like lakes and bubbling rivers for water sports along with delightful food wherever you go, we can keep your fellow members entertained and well-fed. Did you ever notice how food tastes better outside and/or when you’re enjoying it with loved ones?

If you’re interested in putting together goodie bags for your guests, we’ll provide you with our official The Natural State bags as well as lapel pins, decal stickers, and brochures from area attractions and businesses.

We’ll help you find restaurants or banquet facilities for your event, and put you in touch with area theme parks and attractions that can provide group ticket discounts, catering and event space.

We’ve designed “Church Reunions 101” to help you choose a spot and make your special plans to celebrate your fellowship in Arkansas. We wish to help you create a wealth of meaningful connections and memories.

Also find school reunion planning ideas and family reunion ideas for your future events in Arkansas.