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Delta Cultural Center

What to know

The Delta Cultural Center and its Depot Museum (a restored 1912 train depot) houses exhibits that chronicle the history and lifestyles of the Arkansas Delta. Among its current exhibits are "A Heritage of Determination," The Civil War in the Arkansas Delta," "Songs from the Fields" and "The Delta Sounds Studio" where the legendary "King Biscuit Time Radio Show" is broadcast daily. "King Biscuit Time" was the first show to air blues music by African American sharecroppers. It began the introduction of this homegrown sound onto the airwaves and into the living rooms of mainstream American homes in 1941. As a result, the blues would soon sweep the country and eventually spread internationally. "King Biscuit Time" is still broadcast each day from the Delta Sounds Studio. While blues music is the highlight of the "Delta Sounds Studio," this exhibit also features other genres of music by music-makers from the Delta. Among them are Country, Jazz, Rock-n-Roll and Gospel.

141 Cherry & 95 Missouri Streets
Helena-West Helena, AR 72342