Hoo-Hoo Monument

What to know

Features an ashlar-faced barre granite stone base with a bronze plaque sculpted by noted artist George J. Zolnay. This plaque was completed in 1909, at which time it was affixed to a building then occupying the site of the Hotel Hall. When the building was demolished in 1927, the Zolnay plaque was moved to its present location, affixed to the granite base, and rededicated. Zolnay sculpted the plaque with Egyptian Revival reliefs and engravings. The pediment is illustrated with the image of a two-headed bird. The monument also contains a relief of the Hotel Hall and an inscription recounting the founding of Hoo-Hoo. The names of all Hoo-Hoo presidents are engraved on the base and two small adjoining granite monuments. It was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1999.
North First Street
Gurdon, AR 71743