Arkansas's Great Southwest

Arkansas's Great Southwest

What to know

Come wrap yourself in the rich heritage and legends of the past in Arkansas's Great Southwest. Names like Bowie, Houston and Crockett are woven into the fabric of the popular Historic Washington State Park. Near Prescott, battlefields left from the Civil War stand as ageless reminders of lives lived and lost. Inside the walls of historic museums, on the facades of rare buildings and in the very landscape, there is a captivating picture of a rich history waiting to be discovered.

From art and music to watermelons and dinosaurs, if you have an area of interest Arkansas's Great Southwest probably has a festival to celebrate it. See the festival and events listed in the center fold out and embark on your festival quest today!

Whether you are a fan of antiques looking for a one-of-a-kind collectible or just looking for the kind of selection you'd find in a metropolitan shopping district, Arkansas's Great Southwest has it all. You can shop until you drop and never run out of options.

Arkansas is called "the natural state" with good reason. When you see the spectacular landscapes and abundant wildlife of Arkansas's Great Southwest, you will certainly understand why. Largemouth bass fishing abounds in beautiful Lake Bois D'Arc, White Oak Lake, Millwood Lake and Lake Erling. Sail, ski or swim the open waters of the Tri-Lakes - De Queen, Gillham and Dierks or venture down the rugged and beautiful Cossatot. Jog through breathtaking nature trails and parks. Whatever direction you take, adventure awaits.
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