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Bathhouse Row

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Buckstaff Hot Springs National Park Bathhouse Row Tour 032019_CHC_9483.jpg
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What to know

Named a National Historic Landmark in 1987, consists of eight bathhouses built between 1911 and 1923; the Fordyce serves as the national park visitor center and museum of the bathing industry; the Buckstaff has operated continuously since 1912. The Quapaw has been renovated into a modern day spa. The picturesque Ozark Bathhouse is home to a new Ozark Bathhouse Cultural Center, which hosts events that reflect the history and many cultures of the area. It also serves as an art gallery featuring the park's "Artist in Residence" art collection and is available as a venue for both park and private events. The Superior is now a brewery.and distillery.
115-118 Central Avenue
Hot Springs, AR 71902