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The section includes three Travel Writers: Jill Rohrbach, Zoie Clift, and Kim Williams Public Information Technician Mary Osteen, Digital Content Specialist Harrison Maddox, Production Artist Jennifer Hoornstra, and Communications Manager Leah DiPietro.

These professionals promote travel in The Natural State through informative press releases, blogs, and feature stories. Staff members assume the role of research assistants, tour guides and photographers for visiting journalists. These public relations efforts generate hundreds of thousands of dollars in media exposure annually for Arkansas. Members of the section also represent the Tourism Division at events, conventions and various travel shows, and serve in various advisory positions in the industry.

Each writer is responsible for a section of the state. Jill Rohrbach covers Northwest and North Central Arkansas. Kim Williams oversees the Upper and Lower Delta of eastern Arkansas and serves as the Director of the Great River Road. Zoie Clift is the writer for Southwest and Central Arkansas and is talented in photography. Harrison Maddox oversees the various social media platforms for Arkansas State Tourism.  Mary Osteen performs updates to, provides general information to the public, and assists the Communications Manager, Leah DiPietro.  Email the communications section at

Jill Rohrbach, Travel Writer
Northwest and North Central Arkansas


Zoie Clift, Travel Writer
Southwest and Central Arkansas


Kim Williams, Travel Writer
Arkansas's Upper and Lower Delta


Harrison Maddox, Digital Content Specialist