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Arkansas Department of Finance and Administration

Tax Credits/Special Refunds Section

The Delta Geotourism Incentive Act provides an income tax credit to persons and entities that invest in geotourism-supporting businesses that attract and accommodate out of state visitors and that serve to preserve, perpetuate, interpret, and present the rich culture, history, and natural resources of the Lower Mississippi River Delta community. To qualify for an income tax credit under this act, a person or entity shall invest a minimum of $25,000 in a qualified geotourism-supporting business.  Act 349 of 2009 amends the program to allow the credit to be transferred, sold, or assigned to another person or entity.

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P.O. Box 1272
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Arkansas Economic Development Commission

Grants Division

Final Tourism Rules and Regulations 2009

Sales tax credits shall be determined in accordance with the following criteria:
Eligible minimum project costs must be $1 million, except in high unemployment counties,* where it is $500,000.The sales tax credits are calculated based upon 15 percent of eligible project cost for projects spending more than $1 million; credits are 25 percent of eligible project cost for the projects in high unemployment counties.* The sales tax credit may be applied against the business's increased sales tax liability that results from the project.Other review criteria may be requested by the Arkansas Economic Development Commission to determine whether the tourism attraction project meets the intent of the Act.

Additionally, eligible businesses may receive a state income tax credit equal to 4 percent of the annual payroll of each new, full-time, permanent employee.

The income tax credits begin in the year in which the new employees are hired. Any unused portion of the credit may be carried forward
against corporate income tax for the succeeding nine years.

* The following Arkansas counties are designated as "high unemployment" counties based upon the 2010 statewide annual labor force statistics compiled by the Arkansas Department of Workforce Services: Arkansas, Chicot, Clay, Crittenden, Dallas, Desha, and Mississippi.

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Arkansas Historic Preservation Program

To encourage the preservation of historic buildings the federal government offers a program of tax incentives to support the rehabilitation of historic and older buildings for income-producing purposes.

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323 Center Street, Suite 1201
P.O. Box 305
Little Rock, AR 72203