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The Annual Salute to American Travel and Tourism

The first full week of May is annually recognized as National Travel and Tourism Week, a tradition first celebrated in 1984. Localized events are presented in cities, states, and travel businesses nationwide to champion the power of American tourism and travel. It was established as National Travel and Tourism Week when the U.S. Congress passed a joint resolution in 1983 designating the week to be celebrated in May. In a White House ceremony, President Ronald Reagan signed a Presidential Proclamation urging citizens to observe the week with “the appropriate ceremonies and activities.”

Since its establishment, the American tourism community has collectively marked the event in a number of creative ways, from staging local rallies and conducting media outreach to securing proclamations and resolutions from local legislative bodies.

Tourism is one of Arkansas' largest industries. In 2018, the state brought in $7.3 billion in tourism expenditures! National Travel and Tourism Week provides the perfect opportunity for us to express our appreciation to the Arkansas travelers who have made this growth possible!

We are proud of Arkansas and want to share that pride with our visitors! This website gives you all of the information you need to host a Tourist Appreciation event in your own area. If you do not already have an event planned, ideas and suggestions are provided to the left. If you already have an event planned, you can find marketing tips and fun facts to share with those who attend.

National Travel and Tourism Week Information


NTTW Proclamation for 2021.