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Study Tours

Formerly known as Familiarization tours, Welcome Center study tours are the best training we can offer our travel consultants. The state tourism industry is constantly changing and expanding, and study tours are essential to empower travel consultants and give a hands-on experience that allows a personal and knowledgeable sharing of information with tourists. 

Study tours are conducted twice each year, highlighting the Destination Marketing Areas (DMA) as used by the State Tourism office. Each region is covered over a three-year period. The spring tour is typically held the last week of April and the fall tour held the last week of September. Tour participants include Welcome Center staff from all 14 Arkansas Welcome Centers and staff from Central Office. These tours typically have 25 participants.

The Welcome Center Administrator works within the DMAs with industry partners to set up each tour. Their representative assists in arranging a wide range of activities, which may include welcomes by local dignitaries, meals, complimentary lodging and tours of attractions. 

When on tour, the staff is encouraged to have fun while they learn about and experience our beautiful state. After the tour is complete, consultants return to their center ready to share their experience with tourists.


Welcome Center Director
Melissa Adams

Welcome Center Operations Manager
Tammy Boyce