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As we turn our attention to the New Year, Arkansas has every reason to be more optimistic than ever about the continued growth and success of tourism in the state. Throughout the last 16 years, Aristotle and the Arkansas Department of Parks and Tourism have worked together to create a remarkable record of online successes. 2012 was no exception. Here are a few of the highlights. Traffic and Search-Market Share

Throughout 2012, enjoyed over 500,000 visitor sessions each month with more than 100,000 of those going to partner sites. We are also happy to report that remains the #2 most visited state tourism website in the country according to Experian Hitwise.

Search Engine Marketing

In 2012, Aristotle’s Search Engine Marketing (SEM) team managed strategic Google and Bing pay-per-click advertising campaigns that generated 461,797 clicks while keeping the cost-per-click at only $0.44. The PPC campaigns generated:

8,488 Vacation Kit Requests 421 E-news Signups
2,050 Fishing Guide Requests 392 Fun Per Gallon Signups
1,182 Relocation Guide Requests 258 Gas Up and Go Signups
710 Mobile Vacation Requests 55 Reunion Planner Requests

Facebook Promotion & Advertising

During the late summer of 2012, Aristotle and the Department ran a highly successful Facebook campaign: the “Gas Up and Go Giveaway” that promoted road trips to and through the state. Promoted on Arkansas’s Facebook page as well as on an landing page, the contest increased Arkansas’s Facebook page likes by 34%, from 35,000 likes in mid-July to nearly 48,000 likes by the end of August.

In conjunction with the Giveaway and immediately following the campaign, Aristotle implemented a Facebook advertising push to further promote engagement with Arkansas’s Facebook presence. The combination of the contest promotion and Facebook advertising resulted in an increase of more than 19,000 likes for Arkansas’s Facebook page. 

Looking to 2013

With the new 2013 budget, Aristotle and the Department will again devote 41% to search engine advertising so that remains one of the most searched for and found tourism state destinations in the country.

We also plan on creating new dynamic website content that will educate travelers about our amazing lush golf courses and beautiful wedding destinations.

Aristotle’s social media team will continue working closely with the Department to maintain and maximize high levels of social engagement and to create new and innovative campaigns that foster brand loyalty and encourage travelers to visit our beautiful state.  

Aristotle is excited about the many opportunities existing and new online channels will offer Arkansas Tourism in 2013.  We look forward to the exciting future of tourism in the Natural State.