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State of Arkansas Guidelines for brochure distribution in Arkansas Welcome Centers

The Arkansas State Parks, Recreation & Travel Commission and the Arkansas Department of Parks, Heritage, and Tourism are authorized and directed by law to promulgate reasonable rules and regulations to facilitate the operation of state tourist information centers. The same statute, ACA §15-11-301, that charges the Arkansas Department of Parks & Tourism with establishing and operating tourist information bureaus also directs that the Department shall maintain facilities in these centers for the display of brochures, circulars and other literature furnished by hotels, motels, restaurants, etc. which publicize services for the "accommodation and convenience of visitors." 

The Tourism Division also has a mission to promote retirement and relocation and will approve for distribution booklets published by communities that include a limited percentage of pages dedicated to retirement/relocation services, subject to specific guidelines outlined below.   

To accomplish the goal of operating welcome centers and to assist visitors stopping to gain information that publicizes services for their convenience and accommodation, the following regulations have been adopted by the State Parks, Recreation & Travel Commission and the Arkansas Department of Parks, Heritage, and Tourism.

The following information constitutes the regulations set forth for all Arkansas State Welcome Centers managed by the Arkansas Department of Parks, Heritage, and Tourism:

1. SIZE - Brochure size shall be approximately 3.5 to 4 inches wide by 8.5 to 9 inches tall (no business cards or postcards).

2. PAPER STOCK - Brochures shall be printed on paper of sufficient weight that the top half will stand upright in the rack.

3. TOPIC - 
    a)  Brochures must promote Arkansas tourism facilities, attractions, or events.
    b)  Brochures must contain information on Arkansas tourist-related facilities or events.
Brochures promoting Arkansas and other states must have 75% or more of the contents dedicated to Arkansas tourist facilities, attractions, or events. The front cover must also have a 75% or greater Arkansas content.
    c)  Brochures on facilities such as real estate agencies, automobile repair and RV repair are not allowed for display, but business operators may place ads in regional or city guides.
    d)  Facilities/attractions being promoted must be open to the general public.
    e)  Brochures must be attractively designed and printed.
    f)  No "Open by Appointment" operations will be considered.
    g)  No political brochures or brochures containing political advertisements will be accepted.
    h)  No brochures containing offensive language or pictures that could be defined as being in bad taste will be allowed.
    i)  The coupon book officially sanctioned by the State Parks, Recreation & Travel Commission is the only coupon book approved for distribution.

4. BROCHURE AND INSERTS - Promoters will not be allowed to ship to Arkansas Welcome Centers an assortment of different brochures advertising their facility/attractions. One brochure per business may be approved for distribution, plus a companion brochure promoting a special event or activity of limited duration. The companion piece must adhere to Regulations 1-3 and will not be displayed at Centers with limited rack space, although they can still be available as an under the counter item or insert. Businesses have the authority to insert a maximum of two inserts into the approved brochure for distribution. The inserts will not exceed 8 1/2" x 11" in size and will be folded to the approved brochure size. Inserts are to be stapled or otherwise attached to the approved brochure. Welcome Center personnel will not be responsible for inserting any approved insert into the approved brochure. To obtain approval on the piece(s) to be inserted, forward the insert(s) along with a letter of request to:
    Welcome Center Administrator
    Arkansas Department of Parks, Heritage, and Tourism
    1 Capitol Mall, Suite 4A-900
    Little Rock, Arkansas 72201

Promotional brochures published or sponsored by Chambers of Commerce or Advertising & Promotion Commissions meeting all requirements above may be displayed in Arkansas State Welcome Centers. Chamber of Commerce/Advertising & Promotion Commission brochures will be ordered and distributed by the Arkansas Department of Parks, Heritage, and Tourism Warehouse. Do not ship brochures directly to Arkansas State Welcome Centers. If the warehouse is not currently distributing your brochure to the Centers, please write to the following address:
    Arkansas Department of Parks, Heritage, and Tourism
    c/o Warehouse Manager
    2312 Cantrell Road
    Little Rock, AR  72202-2112

A Chamber of Commerce/Advertising & Promotion Commission booklet that does not have at least 75% of its contents dedicated to Arkansas tourist facilities, attractions, or events may qualify for distribution as a retirement/relocation booklet if at least 75% of the pages are dedicated to any combination of tourism and the following types of information of particular interest to travelers who may be considering relocation: 

Medical, housing, home construction or improvement, financial, and educational institutions. In order to be approved, no more than 25% of the pages can be dedicated to businesses, organizations, or information not classified as either tourism or retirement/relocation, as defined in these Guidelines. All other regulations apply.

It is recommended that Chamber of Commerce/Advertising & Promotion Commission booklets be rack size (3.5 to 4 inches wide by 8.5 to 9 inches tall). Rack space varies by Welcome Center, so there is no guarantee that larger booklets will be displayed. In instances where display space is limited, it will be handled as described in Regulation #6. Booklets larger than 8.5 x 11 inches will not be displayed.

6. PLACEMENT - Brochures shall be placed alphabetically by region. If rack space is not available, the Welcome Center Manager at his/her option will place the brochure on available counter/table top space. If space is not available, brochures will be rotated onto the racks in such a manner that all brochures receive equal distribution.

7. CHANGES - Tourism businesses placing brochures in Arkansas Welcome Centers are responsible for notifying the Welcome Center Administrator of all changes in the material listed in their brochures. Examples include prices, closing business, changing locations, hours of operation, seasons, etc.

8. LIST OF CONTACTS - The Welcome Center Administrator will be responsible for providing the approved private sector list to individual centers and notifying them of changes to any brochures.

9. POSTERS/CIRCULARS - Those posters/circulars meeting all requirements as stated in Regulation #3 will be accepted. One poster per event may be displayed in Centers not more than seven days prior to the event.

10. STATE AND REGIONAL BROCHURES - All State of Arkansas, Regional Tourism Association, Advertising & Promotion Commission/Convention & Visitor Bureau, and Chamber of Commerce brochures are exempted from size requirements in Regulation #1.

11. SEASONAL LITERATURE - Brochures promoting seasonal attractions will be placed in the racks for distribution approximately 30 days prior to opening and removed after the final day of operation.

12. PROCEDURE FOR APPROVAL - Promoters should send one copy of their brochure with a letter requesting that it be distributed at Arkansas Welcome Centers. Letters should be sent to:
Welcome Center Administrator
    Arkansas Department of Parks, Heritage, and Tourism
    1 Capitol Mall, Suite 4A900
    Little Rock, Arkansas 72201

13. METHOD OF SHIPPING - Promoters shall be responsible for shipping brochures directly to Arkansas Welcome Centers. Directions for the method of shipping in quantity will be sent with the approval letter.

14. DENIAL - In the event a brochure is turned down for distribution, the promoter may appeal to the State Parks, Recreation & Travel Commission through the Tourism Director at the following address: 
    Tourism Director
    Arkansas Department of Parks, Heritage, and Tourism
    1 Capitol Mall, Suite 4A900
    Little Rock, Arkansas 72201