Guest Service Training

Did you know the Arkansas Tourism Industry hosted 23 million visitors last year? And that these visitors contributed more than $5.7 billion to the Arkansas economy?

Arkansas is widely known for our friendly, helpful people, but that can change quickly. The actions of you, your staff, and other businesses in your community can make or break Arkansas tourism. You can help keep Arkansas's tourism industry healthy by becoming involved in the Arkansas Hospitality Clinic and learning guest service skills.


  • To train and motivate Arkansas's work force to deliver superior customer service in tourism.
  • To educate both the employer and the employee on good guest service skills and what can be accomplished through good customer service.
  • To help instill community and self-pride in Arkansas's work force.

Your employees and managers can become part of a statewide guest service training program. We can help you provide them with the guest service skills and concepts needed to deliver superior customer service.  For more information, contact [email protected].