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These marketing ideas are a creative and cost-effective way to help you promote National Tourism Week in your destination.

Social Media

  • Capture and share the week on your social channels.
  • Follow @ARTourism, @USTravel and @TravelEffect for updates.
  • Incorporate #VisitArkansas, #NTTW and #TravelEffect in your messaging whenever possible.

General Public

  • Pass out flyers encouraging people to wear red on Tourist Appreciation Day to show the size and strength of our tourism industry.
  • Encourage local merchants to display National Tourism Week messages on their marquees. The message can welcome visitors or highlight the industry's contribution to your community.
  • Have your mayor, or other local elected officials, declare a "City Tourism Day/Week" in a special ceremony.
  • Run/Walk for Tourism - Sponsor a run/walk race through your area and present the winner with donated prizes from your industry. The event can be held to raise funds for a new visitor center, support a park, museum or zoo, or other local attraction.

Industry Professionals/Local Businesses

  • Host local Hospitality Training seminars to get your local tourism employees on the right track for the summer season.
  • Photography contest - Encourage the community to "explore its own backyard" or have an exhibit of seasonal photos taken by residents of the community. These could be displayed at welcome centers, tourism landmarks, or other popular locations.
  • Organize Familiarization Tours for local tourism industry volunteers and front-line staff, hosted by members of the media.
  • Invite elected officials and other local VIPs to work a shift at the nearest welcome center greeting tourists and/or serving refreshments.
  • Distribute Tourism Bucks to visitors showing the value of tourism in the community.
  • Host a tourism luncheon for industry partners.
  • Prepare counter signs in area businesses with tourism facts and/or thanking visitors.
  • Showcase the state's tourism offerings with two-for-one, discounted or free admission to numerous attractions in your destination.

Media Relations

  • Suggest an article to local media about what makes your area a great tourist destination.
  • To kick off National Tourism Week, deliver a cake with the National Tourism Week logo (available at, or red, white, and blue cupcakes, along with a news release to newspaper, radio, and television personalities.
  • Generate proclamations for distribution through city or county government.
  • Place Public Service Announcements on local television or radio stations accenting the importance of tourism to the local community.
  • Submit a crossword puzzle on tourism to your local newspaper to promote the industry.


  • Art show - Sponsor a tourism art exhibit. School children of various ages illustrate the activities and adventures visitors can find at area attractions. Display the drawings in the airport, train station or a local prominent location.
  • Hold an essay contest for local students in grades first through eighth on why the area is a fun place for tourists and residents. The winning entries could be posted to the local tourism website, printed in the newspaper or used in tourism promotional materials.
  • Job Fair - Focus on local high schools and colleges by organizing a job fair providing information on travel and tourism careers. Also, sponsor industry leaders to serve as guest lecturers in the school (or take a turn yourself). Do this during National Tourism Week.