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Skip Navigation LinksTourism: Why It's Important to Arkansas
  • Expenditures: 28 million travelers spent $7.2 billion in Arkansas last year.  
  • State Taxes: More than $374 million in state taxes were paid by these travelers.  
  • Local Taxes: An additional $137 million in local taxes resulted from purchases made by travelers in the past year.  
  • General Employment: 64,679 Arkansans are directly employed by the travel industry.  
  • Key Employment: The tourism industry provides key jobs for those just entering the workforce, for college students during the summer months, and for many retirees looking for supplemental incomes.  
  • Economic Diversity: Tourism can add another dimension to the economic base of a community.  
  • Positive Publicity: Tourism attractions and events can bring desirable publicity to those towns trying to get on the map.
  • Community Cohesiveness: By involving the entire community in its festivals, a town can develop a better sense of pride and togetherness.  
  • Education: Certain tourism festivals, shows, and re-enactments can bring history to life, making people more aware of their past.  
  • Cultural Preservation: Some tourism events offer opportunities for traditional folk cultures and practices to be passed on to interested parties from all walks of life.  
  • Industrial Growth: By generating positive publicity and community cohesiveness, tourism can make a community more attractive to industrial site locators.  
  • Retirees: Tourism can lead to the in-migration of retirees, complete with their talents, time, and trust funds.  
  • Action: Tourism is where the action is these days, and is predicted to continue its strong growth.