Thursday, July 11, 2024

Made in Arkansas Presents, Dark Turns: An Evening of Action Thrillers

CALS Ron Robinson Theater

What to know

Join the Made in Arkansas Film Festival for a monthly night of screenings in the CALS Ron Robinson Theater!

"Dark Turns" is a collection of gripping thrillers and intense dramas exploring people's shadowy paths when pushed to their limits. From a terminally ill patient turned assassin in "Patient Justice," to the spiraling events of a stolen car and a bar fight in "A Bar Night Kind of Fight," these films delve into the darker aspects of human nature. "Hit On Me" reveals the dangerous undercurrents of a secret rendezvous, while "Mirona" explores the paranoia and guilt of two roommates after a tragic discovery. "Ladies Night," a dark comedy, follows three friends covering up a hit and run but stumble upon something more sinister. "Distorted Carcinoma" portrays a desperate fight for survival, and "Shady White" follows a notorious lowlife on a quest for justice amidst chaos. Each story is a testament to the complexities and darkness that lie just beneath the surface of everyday life."

Shorts Block

Patient Justice – 9:28 – Directed by Lesa Crowell

Buried by medical debt, a terminal breast cancer patient becomes an assassin to provide for her sons and to provide justice to those forgotten by the courts.

A Bar Night Kind of Fight – 5:50 – Directed by Travis Olson

After stealing a car, a disgruntled alcoholic decides the only way he can escape with his freedom is to pick a fight with a short-fused stranger.

Hit On Me – 14:43 – Directed by Josh Baxter

A secret rendezvous sparks chemistry between two slighted lovers but, as the night unfolds, they learn that the devil is always in the details!

Mirona – 15:12 – Directed by Paula Blanco Perez

A thriller about two roommates who battle guilt and paranoia after stumbling upon a tragedy next door.

Ladies Night – 8:53 – Directed by Johnnie Brannon

This dark comedy follows three friends who are thrust into a night they will never forget while trying to cover up a hit-and-run.

Distorted Carcinoma – 4:53 – Directed by Waid Rainey

A desperate man does what he can to help his wife fight for her life.

10-minute intermission

Arkansas-Made Feature Film

Shady White – 1 hour 25 minutes – Directed by Robert Kirkpatrick

A notorious lowlife returns to his violent past after he’s framed for murdering the nephew of a Dixie mob boss. He has three days to find those responsible while avoiding old enemies, scorned exes, corrupt cops, and the one woman he truly loves.

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